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Specialize in creating compelling dashboards in Power BI, turning your complex data into clear, actionable insights. My service focuses on designing interactive, user-friendly dashboards that effectively communicate key business metrics and drive data-driven decisions.


  1. Design custom Power BI dashboards, focusing on visual clarity and interactivity to effectively convey your data story.
  2. Utilize Power BI’s advanced data visualization tools to create dynamic charts, graphs, and maps for an engaging user experience.
  3. Integrate and harmonize multiple data sources in Power BI, ensuring a comprehensive and unified view of your business metrics.
  4. Implement interactive features like filters, slicers, and drill-downs, allowing users to explore data in-depth and uncover hidden insights.
  5. Optimize dashboard layouts and designs for ease of use, ensuring that key insights are accessible to both technical and non-technical users.
  6. Provide training and support for navigating and interpreting the Power BI dashboard, enabling your team to make informed, data-driven decisions.


Expert in creating dynamic, insightful dashboards in Power BI. Proficient in data integration, transformation, and visualization, skilled in leveraging Power BI’s features for interactive reports and dashboards. Experienced in crafting dashboards that clearly communicate key business metrics, trends, and insights. 


Utilizing Power BI’s advanced data visualization tools, I offer customized dashboard solutions that not only present data but also tell a story. My focus is on delivering clear, actionable insights through well-designed, user-friendly dashboards tailored to your business needs. 

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What I Need to Start Your Project

To ensure that I can provide you the best possible service and deliver results that meet your needs, I will need the following information from you before starting your project:

  1. Project Brief and Dashboard Goals: In-depth description of the project, focusing on the objectives for creating an engaging dashboard in Power BI. Identification of key metrics, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and data insights to be featured.
  2. Data Integration and Source Details: Detailed information about the data sources to be used (e.g., databases, Excel files, cloud services). Specifications on data format, structure, and any integration processes required for Power BI. Requirements for data preprocessing or cleaning to ensure data accuracy and relevance.
  3. Dashboard Design and Visualization Aspects: Preferences for the overall layout, theme, and aesthetic design of the dashboard. Types of visualizations and Power BI features to be used (e.g., charts, gauges, maps) for effective data representation. Interactive elements (e.g., slicers, drill-throughs) to enhance user engagement and exploration.
  4. Analytical Depth and Reporting Features: Specific analytical insights or reports to be highlighted within the dashboard (e.g., sales trends, customer analytics). Frequency of data updates and refresh requirements for real-time or periodic analysis. Desired balance between comprehensive data analysis and intuitive presentation for the audience.
  5. User Accessibility and Collaboration: Configuration of user access, including control and permission settings for different user groups. Options for dashboard sharing, collaboration, and export functionalities within Power BI.
  6. Compliance with Data Standards: Adherence to data security policies, privacy regulations, and ethical guidelines in data handling and dashboard creation. Measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the data within Power BI.
  7. Development Timeline and Milestones: Key project deadlines and milestones for the dashboard development and deployment. Schedule for progress updates, reviews, and feedback sessions.
  8. Communication and Feedback Protocol: Preferred channels and frequency for communication throughout the project lifecycle. Process for iterative feedback and refinement of the dashboard design and functionalities.
  9. Additional Customizations and Requirements: Any specific customizations or advanced Power BI functionalities needed for the dashboard. Other relevant details or resources that will assist in creating a compelling Power BI dashboard.


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