I can help you conduct statistical analysis and reporting using EViews

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Exploratory Statistics using E-Views


Inferential Statistics using E-Views


Predictive Statistics using E-Views

Leverage my expertise in EViews for your statistical analysis and reporting needs. I provide thorough, accessible reports, ensuring your economic and financial data is analyzed with precision and clarity.

  1. Conduct extensive data management and preprocessing in EViews, laying the groundwork for accurate statistical analysis.
  2. Utilize EViews for diverse statistical methodologies, including time-series analysis, cointegration tests, and panel data analysis.
  3. Execute detailed hypothesis testing and confidence interval calculations in EViews, critical for validating your empirical research.
  4. Apply EViews for advanced econometric modeling, such as ARIMA models and Vector Auto Regression (VAR), to extract deeper insights from your data.
  5. Create comprehensive, reader-friendly reports using EViews output, combining complex statistical results with clear narrative and visuals.
  6. Ensure robust and credible findings with EViews’ diagnostic tools for model testing and validation.


Expertise in EViews for robust statistical analysis, specializing in time series analysis, econometric modeling, and forecasting. Proficient in utilizing EViews for data management, model estimation, and producing detailed, insightful reports.

My deep understanding of econometrics and time series analysis, combined with proficiency in EViews, ensures high-quality, accurate reporting. I bring complex data to life, providing clear, actionable insights tailored to your specific objectives.

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What I Need to Start Your Project

To ensure that I can provide you the best possible service and deliver results that meet your needs, I will need the following information from you before starting your project:

  1. Project Details: - A detailed description of your project, including its objectives, goals, and specific questions or hypotheses you want to investigate. - Background information or specific context about the project, particularly if it pertains to economics or finance, as this will guide the analysis approach.
  2. Data and Data Description (if available): - The dataset(s) to be analyzed, ideally in a format compatible with EViews (such as .prn, .csv, or Excel files). - A comprehensive description of the data, including the source, types of variables (e.g., time-series, cross-sectional), and any preprocessing already performed.
  3. Exact Requirements: - Details on the specific types of statistical analysis or econometric models you expect to be performed in EViews. - Any particular focus areas within the data or specific variables that are of prime interest for the analysis.
  4. Reporting Requirements (if applicable to the service): - Your preferences for the format and detail level of the final report, including any specific requirements for charts, graphs, or econometric model outputs. - If the report is for academic, professional, or business purposes, any specific style or formatting guidelines to be followed.
  5. Communication Preferences: - Your preferred methods of communication (e.g., email, phone, video conferencing) and the frequency of project updates. - Any critical deadlines or milestones for the project to ensure timely delivery of the analysis and report.


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